★ Checklist & Flight Plan ★

Ladies and gentlemen, as we prepare for lift-off, please make sure you have your stepping shoes securely fastened, and have completed your pre-party checklist before embarking on this interstellar journey with us into the depths of the unknown! 

What to bring with you:
> good vibes
> good shoes
> extra clothes for silk-screen printing (Siebdruck)
> food or snacks (it's going to be a long trip into the depths of Berlin!)
> a travelling companion
> and don't forget to bring a towel, cause it's gonna get hot!

What to leave behind:
> cameras (unfortunately we won't be able to photograph this journey!)
> your worries, cares, prejudices and inhibitions
> dangerous objects and substances (this is a conscious journey, we wish for you to be aware and take in as many impressions as you can!)

General pre-party information:

Serendubity: Sommerdubwende
Saturday, June 18th, 2016
Mensch Meier << Coordinates >>
Storkower Str. 121, 10407 Berlin
S-41/42 Landsberger Allee (Ringbahn), 700m walk
Entry: 6/12€ (see "Tickets & Price Structure")
Start: 16.00

T-minus 24 hours and counting!!