The French Connexion

(Pictures courtesy of - Booking & Management)

As you may have noticed, our neighbours to the southwest are making up a large part of our fabulous line up this year! The Dub scene in France is one of the strongest in Europe, with countless, innovative new artists providing their musical talents to audiences around the world. We are very happy to be receiving so much support from this versatile scene.. So without losing to many words, we'll let the music speak for itself! 

✮ Full Dub - Live (Dijon, FR)✮

✮ Massive Dub Corporation - Live (Bourges, FR) ✮

✮ Tetra Hydro K - Live (Besançon, FR)✮

✮ Mayd Hubb meets Joe Pilgrim - Live (Outta Space, FR)✮

✮ Roots Raid - Live (Bourges/Tours, FR) ✮

We would also like to thank the following for supporting our festival in the past, present and future, and for helping to carry the message of Serendubity beyond our own borders.. gotta break down those barriers!

And of course everyone involved in the festival organisation and crew!