Full Line Up & Artwork!!

It may have taken a while, but as they say, all good things come to those who wait! The final confirmations are in, and the complete line up (with the exception of a few surprise guests) is now online. A big shout goes out to our Austrian connection for the amazing artwork and design, looking fantastic as always! So without further ado, this years artists for the Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival!

Live Stage (Dub // Steppas // Ska // World // Afrofunk // Gypsy) :
>> Indoor & outdoor area <<

Full Dub (Dijon, FR)✮
Massive Dub Corporation (Bourges, FR) ✮
Tetra Hydro K (Besançon, FR)✮
The Senior Allstars (Münster, DE)✮
JPattersson ✮
Kelele (Berlin. DE)✮
Cielo Faccio Orkestar (International)✮
Séssé Percussion (Berlin, DE)✮
Tune Up Collective (Berlin, DE)✮
Space Steppas (Outta Space, DE)✮
The Wynstrument & Giotto (Berlin, DE)✮
Batuque Lowfi (International)✮
     + more to come!

Dub Saray (Dub // Steppas // Roots // Reggae):
>> powered by the Kunterbunt & Basskateers Sound Systems (with full setup) <<

Mayd Hubb meets Joe Pilgrim - Live (France)✮
✮ Roots Raid - Live (Bourges/Tours, FR) ✮
Mexican Stepper (Teotihuacan, MX)✮
Longfingah meets Hardy Digital (Berlin, DE) ✮
I-Mitri Counteraction (Leicester, UK)✮
Cookah & Likkle Ferguson (Lyon, FR) ✮
Kunterbunt Soundsystem (Münster, DE) ✮
Hinterhof HiFi - Live (Berlin, DE) ✮
Jahyu (Hamburg, DE) ✮
Basskateers (Jena, DE) ✮
Upfull Posse (Berlin, DE) ✮
Andjo Outta LDM (Florianopolis, BR)✮
Lion's Den (Berlin, DE) ✮
✮ Dubelgänger (Berlin, DE) ✮
Peace Time Sound (Berlin, DE) ✮
Dubwiser MC (Chemnitz, DE)✮
✮ United Microphone MC Session ✮
     + more to come!

Beat Orakel (Dubstep // Bass // 140 // Jungle // D&B // Dubwise):
>> Indoor & outdoor area <<

Aries (Birmingham, UK)✮
MC Navigator (London, UK)✮
Krak In Dub (Montreuil, FR)✮
✮ Dubsworth (San Francisco, US)✮
✮ RDG (Copenhagen, DK)✮
✮ Mr.Boogie b2b Phokus (Potsdam/Hamburg, DE)✮
Giotto & Badkat (Berlin, DE)✮
Shu (Berlin, DE)✮
Mighty Melody & Lady Lia (Berlin, DE)✮
Darkwing Dub & Jah Cobe (Graz, AT)✮
Lion Di Decks & Phil Ma Lighta (Hoyerswerda, DE)✮
✮ Hi Towa (Berlin, DE)✮
Upzet (Berlin, DE)✮
Roly (Berlin, DE) ✮
Seriaz Sound (Berlin/Galway, DE) ✮
Clee (Berlin, DE) ✮
Jimi Handtrix (Berlin, DE)x ✮
DJ Phonic & Dennis Franchise (Dresden, DE) ✮
Deejay Saiman (Berlin, DE) ✮
O-Ton (Berlin, DE) ✮
Freytakt (Berlin, DE) ✮
✮ Mista Narci (Berlin, DE) ✮
✮ Ric ✮ 
     + more to come!