The secret's out!

Our picturesque location for this year's Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival is no longer a secret! Comfortably nestled between lakes, fields and forest, and reachable via scenic bike routes, car or train, it's truly breath-taking! So without further ado, we present to you:


Just over an hour's drive east from Berlin's center leads you along scenic country roads, through aptly named villages such as "Dubrow", "Müllrose" and "Mixdorf" to your final destination!

◣◣◣ Coordinates ◢◢◢

Alternatively, you can take the train from Berlin-Ostbahnhof via Frankfurt (Oder), or directly from Berlin-Lichtenberg, arriving within two hours at the nearly-situated village "Grunow"!

Suggested route:
►Regional Express from Berlin-Ostbahnhof to Frankfurt (Oder)
►change to the Regional Bahn (ODEG) to the station "Grunow (Niederlausitz)"
►only takes 100 minutes
►from 22€ (for 5 people) with th Berlin-Brandenburg-Ticket