New artists confirmed for the Dub Saray!!

We've added four more artists to the Dub Saray, which will once again be powered by the mighty Kunterbunt Soundsystem

JahYu (Hamburg/Seoul, South Korea)

The Hamburg-based producer and deejay JahYu, known far and wide for his distinctive, heavy dub/steppas sound, overlayed with traditional Korean melodies, has been a driving force behind the oriental dub scene for many years! With original releases on Alpha Steppa and Monkey Dub Recordings, his organic sound leads his listeners on a journey deep into eastern lands, stepping from the coastal port-city straight to the Seoul!

Violinbwoy (Wroclaw, PL)

The aptly named Violinbwoy, is one of the leading producers in the Polish dub scene. As a classically trained violinist, he continuously applies his musical knowledge in the studio, creating a unique, harmonic style which has been heard on sound systems and radio stations across Europe and beyond. Don't take our word for it though, let the music speak for itself!

Pupa Vinylist feat. Early K (Rebelion Soundsystem / Darmstadt)

The Darmstadt natives Pupa Vinylist & Early K, known primarily through their work with the Rebelion Soundsystem, have been holding down the vibe in Germany's southwest with their "Dubstadt" parties and regular appearances throughout the land. With their self-built soundsystem, they aim to promote the diversity of their music in correct Jamaican/UK fashion!