Serendubity is a non-profit festival organized by a bunch of enthusiasts, who believe in grassroots democracy and in parties as a celebration of ideas and creativity instead of mere consumption.

We want to create a feeling of community in the open space with no need for walls and dissolve the borders between organizers and visitors, artists and non-artists.

We want to create an ecological festival, experimenting with creative solutions for dealing with existing problems and waste products.

We want you to participate with your ideas, skills or whatever comes along:
The word “serendipity” refers to a random encounter with something not sought for that turns out to be a new and surprising experience.


Dub is a kaleidoscope of styles, shades and sounds to us. We would like to invite you to a historic journey exploring its roots, by passing related styles (Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady, Rub A Dub, Digikal) and the sounds of roots, dub and steppas purists, merging into the modern and futurist forms of Dubstep, Jungle, Drum n Bass and Trap. Our journey follows the principle of Serendipity: you will also find balkan sounds, string quartets or samba bands on your way past the different floors. All of our floors and stages will form a platform to young and regional artists and give  space for exchange with artists from all over the world.

Workshops and performances

We want to give you the possibility to get active, create, experiment, speak up, argue, try and take a chance. Our main focus in workshops and performances are the borders between body and environement. Upcycling and Urban Gardening Workshops are asking for your creative activism, while Yoga or Contact Impro challenge your body. Performances such as puppet theater or dance will inspire you and make you move your body and social strucutres in creative ways.

Rise Up Events and Projects

With Rise-up events all around Berlin, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK we are warming up for summer and celebrating that days are getting longer again. Each night offers a different theme and focus and invites you to take part in our way towards Serendubity 2015.

From April to June our deco team is creating the art and installations for our festival, together with a lot of volunteers. Share your ideas and experience as an artist, painter, carpenter, sculpturor or tailor with us in open work sessions.

Or take part in our talks and presentations on recycling, upcycling, environmental consciousness and the ecological challenges produced by festivals.