Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival

The Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival is the main project of the Serendipity e.V. The first festival took place in 2013 just south of Berlin in a suburban oasis of sorts. The festival was well received by the music community, and helped pave the road for future festivals and events! In 2015 we moved to a new location to the north of Berlin: a former military airbase turned aerospace museum. The festival was a great success, with people coming from all around Germany and beyond to participate in the Serendubity dream! After the festival we began focusing more and more on the foundation of the Serendipity e.V., having ultimately decided to concentrate our efforts on less party-oriented events. For this reason we have decided not to hold a Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival 2016. It was no easy decision for us, but in the end we feel that the time and energy which would have been invested in organizing the festival would be put to better use improving the structure of the organisation.

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2013 - Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival /// 2015 - Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival

═════════════ SERENDUBITY RHYTHM & SPACE FESTIVAL ═════════════

3 days // 4 floors // live stage // free camping // workshops // performances // chillspace // theater // light & projection art // vokü // high chai // hammocks // slack lines // open space and much more!

After last years turbulent ending, we are back louder and stronger than ever, ready for the Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival - 2015! This year the festival will be held at an old military airport close to Berlin. In between old planes and deserted hangars we want to create an exciting new place filled with great vibes - full of life and a colourful community spirit.

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The Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival will take place from the 24th-26th of July, 2015, at the Aerospace Museum Finowfurt near Eberswalde, Germany.

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