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Serendubity Festival 2015

═══════════ SERENDUBITY RHYTHM & SPACE FESTIVAL ════════════

3 days // 4 floors // live stage // free camping // workshops // performances // chillspace // theater // light & projection art // vokü // high chai // hammocks // slack lines // open space and much more!

>> Nach einer turbulenten und äußerst aufregenden Reise, die uns quer durchs Land führte, macht sich nun unsere Karawane für den Anflug bereit! Durch eine kuriose Wendung des Schicksals haben wir unser neues Zuhause in einer verlassenen Militärbasis gefunden. Zwischen bunt beleuchteten Flugzeugen und leerstehenden Hangars, möchten wir gemeinsam diesen Ort zu etwas Lebendigem transformieren. Zusammen wollen wir das Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival 2015 richtig aufleben lassen! <<

After last years turbulent ending, we are back louder and stronger than ever, ready for the Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival - 2015! This year the festival will be held at an old military airport close to Berlin. In between old planes and deserted hangars we want to create an exciting new place filled with great vibes - full of life and a colourful community spirit.

The Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival will take place from the 24th-26th of July, 2015, at the Aerospace Museum Finowfurt near Eberswalde, Germany.

Check out our >>Farcebook Event<< for the full German version and regular updates. If you like what Serendubity is about and want to get involved, don't hesitate to contact us!

═══════════════════ PHILOSOPHY ═══════════════════

se*ren*dip*i*ty /ˌsɛrənˈdɪpɪti/

eine zufällige, unerwartete Begegnung mit etwas ursprünglich nicht Gesuchtem, welche sich als neue und überraschende Entdeckung erweist.

Much like the roots from which our name has grown, Serendubity has eveolved from a shared vision, a desire to break free from the constraints of of capital-fueled society by creating an independent, sustainable and eco-friendly for forward-thinking musicians, artists and individuals who wish to share their ideas, experiences and creativity, with an open-minded and conscious audience. Central to our philosophy is a feeling of community, without the need for distinction between organisers and visitors, artists or enthusiasts.

════════════════════ MUSIC ════════════════════


Our common musical interests are intertwined in a kaleidoscope of styles we like to call dub - from roots, reggae and ska, to the futuristic sounds of dubstep, jungle and drum‘n‘bass - forming an eclectic mix which reaches far beyond the boundaries of genre, style or tempo.

═══ PARTICIPATE ═══════════════════

If you are interested in the idea of Serendubity and want to get involved, then come visit our website. Send us an e-mail through the “participate“ section and we will let you know where your help could best be used! And if you have any of your own ideas about somthing you would like to experience at the festival, then don‘t hesitate to let us know.

════ TICKETS ═════════════════════

3 Day Tickets // 45€ Presale // 60€ At Door // 1 Day Tickets Available

Paper Tickets available at:
>>Tricky Tune // Berlin-Friedrichshain
>>KoKa36 // Berlin-Kreuzberg
>>Selekta Reggae Record Shop // Hamburg

or through any of the Serendubity crew!

Presale closes Friday, July 17th!

═══════════════════ GENERAL INFO ═══════════════════

Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival
24th-26th of July, 2015 
Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt
10km from Eberswalde, Germany 
(just north of Berlin!)

Free parking & camping!

>> Farcebook Event <<

no borders // no nation // no homophobia // no racism