New Year's Sound System Conference
to Jan 1

New Year's Sound System Conference

  • Hermannstraße Berlin, Berlin Germany (map)
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Greetings to one and all! The year is nearly over, and we sincerely hope it's been a good one for you! In order to say goodbye to the old year and usher in the new one, we would like to formally invite you to an extra-special sound system session coming up on Sunday, December 31st. 


In just a few days we will be getting together in a unique underground location, to celebrate all the good times and memories of the past year, and to step into 2018 with some positive vibes!

For the New Year's Sound System Conference on December 31st, we will be making use of a massive - and as of yet unused - floor at Greenhouse Berlin. On the one hand, you'll have some amazing 8th story views overlooking the city and fireworks from the Kantine, and on the other hand you'll have one of the wickedest sound system sessions to hit Berlin in recent memory. It's going to be loud, it's going to be heavy, and it's going to be fun!


Greenhouse Berlin is located at Gottlieb-Dunkel-Str. 43/44, 12099 Berlin. Just take the S41/42 or U8 to Hermannstrasse, and the bus #277 to "Saalburgstrasse" (5 minutes). Busses depart from Hermannstrasse every 20-30 minutes, but they may be crowded. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or walk about 20 minutes (2km). Once you're in the building just follow the sines!


Aside from 2 heavyweight sound systems with the most wattage a bass music party in Berlin has probably ever seen, as well as some amazing artists providing a full-frequency, audio-visual experience, we'll have a full bar and food available, plus a garderobe, chill out area, custom lighting and plenty of good vibes! Please realize, we are a small team building the entire infrastructure, so this will be more of a rugged and raw "rave" environment than your typical club night! 

We hope to see you all in the new year!

Love & Respect,
Your Serendubity Crew

SerendubityA Bass OdysseyLion's DenDubelgänger & Higher Ground Recordings cordially invite you to the first annual:

✸ ❂ ✺ New Year's Sound System Conference ✺ ❂ ✸ 

for a night of heavy roots, cosmic steppas, beats, jungle and bass, presented on 2 wicked sound systems in a unique underground location in Berlin! Let's get together and step into the new year in a proper style and fashion!

✸ ❂ ✺ ❂ ✸
Featuring 2 heavyweight sound systems in one area:

✪ Digitron Sound System (The Balkan Dub Defenders // Croatia)
with full sound and crew!

✪ Lion's Den Sound System (Ras Lion ls. Kali Green & Konta // Berlin)
with full sound and crew!

✸ ❂ ✺ ❂ ✸
With special guests from France in a live clash:

✪ Tetra Hydro K *live* (ODG PROD // Besançon, France)


✪ Woobedub *live* (ODG PROD // Lyon, France)

✸ ❂ ✺ ❂ ✸
Plus the lyrical niceness of the legendary:

✪ Danman (Indica Dubs / O.B.F Sound System // Manchester, UK)

✸ ❂ ✺ ❂ ✸
And local support from:

✪ Saiman (Impulse Berlin // Berlin)

✪ Tommy Lexxus (Bassism Records / Higher Ground Recordings // Berlin)

✪ Jimi Handtrix (A Bass Odyssey / Higher Ground Recordings // Berlin)

✪ Dubelgänger (Serendubity / Acid Dub Foundation // Berlin)

✫★✯ Extras ✯★✫

✪ 2 Heavyweight Sound Systems
✪ Warm Food
✪ High Chai
✪ Special Drinks
✪ Chillout Area
✪ Custom decorations and lighting
and much more!

New Year's Sound System Conference
December 31st, 2017
Greenhouse Berlin
Gottlieb-Dunkel-Str. 43/44
12099 Berlin
Doors open at: 22.00

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Artwork by Eric Tiedt Illustration

This is a conscious party, so please respect your surroundings!

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to Dec 3

Serendubity: Winterdubwende 2017


Saturday, December 2nd, 2017
Serendubity: Winterdubwende 2017
Start: 21:00 // Rosis Berlin

Following a lengthy journey into the depths of the multiverse, we finally return to our beloved Rosis, joined by another all-star ensemble of basstronauts from the furthest reaches of the Serendubity galaxy! 

★★★ Main Floor ★★★
Dub // Steppas // Dubstep // Bass

► Plug Dub Soundsystem (Leipzig)
with sound system and crew!

► JahYu (Tripedal Crow Records / Steppas Records // Hamburg)

► T-Jah *live* (Dubwiseradio // Chemnitz)

► Catitah Steppah (Serendubity // Berlin)

► Dubelgänger (Serendubity // Berlin)

★★★ Second Floor ★★★
Roots // Reggae // Ska // Jungle // Drum & Bass

► Julie Oneness (Roots Daughter // Berlin)

► Yugo Taguchi (Roots Temple / JP)

► Jimi Handtrix & Tommy Lexxus (Higher Ground Recordings / Bassism / Serendubity // Berlin)

► Meta (Serendubity // Berlin)

► I-tal P (Serendubity // Berlin)

► Benjammin (Serendubity // Berlin)

★★★ Lounge ★★★
The lounge area will be open again for a live dubbing and chill out session some time during the night!

► Joe Redubbed (Serendubity // Berlin) & Friends

► more to be announced!

★★★ Wintergarten / Courtyard ★★★
In the Wintergarten you'll have the perfect opportunity to hang out with some friends, listen to the opening concert at 21:00, and nod your head or shake a leg to some funky beats!

► Abass Ndiaye & Friends *live* (Kelele // Berlin)

► The Soulvendor (Tropical Timewarp // Berlin)

► Biebaß (Graogramann Hi-Fi // Berlin)

► Dub Seb (Serendubity // Berlin)

► The Cook (Serendubity // Berlin)

★★★ Serendipitous Surprises ★★★
As always we'll have more than a few treats waiting for you!

► Proper Sound System
► Firespace
► Warm Food
► Chillout Lounge
► Kicker & Pinball
► Custom decorations
and much more!

Serendubity: Winterdubwende
December 2nd, 2017 // Rosis Berlin
Revalerstraße 29, 10245 Berlin
Doors open at: 21.00

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Artwork by Martin Engelbogen

★ Refugees Welcome ★
★ No isms, no schisms ★ 
★ Strictly unity vibes! ★

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to Jun 19

Serendubity: Sommerdubwende // Mensch Meier

══════════ ✮ Serendubity: Sommerdubwende ✮ ══════════

4 floors / indoor & open air / live bands / workshops / performances / chill space / fire space / light & projection art / high chai / silk-screen printing and much much more!

With the summer solstice approaching and the days growing longer, the time draws near for all you beautiful creatures of the light to shed your winter coats and celebrate the Sommerdubwende with us in an awesome new location!

True to the vision of Serendubity, the focus of this gathering will be about celebrating individual and cultural diversity while combining/interchanging various aspects of our personal identities, characteristics and rolls in today's society. We want to invite you to see the world through each other's eyes, and experience life from a new perspective.

Aside from an all-star musical ensemble from six continents and a self-constructed, heavyweight sound system, we'll be offering a large spectrum of interactive workshops and performances during the day and into the night! We wish to create a unique festival-like atmosphere within the city limits; a place where you can feel free to spread your wings, dance, laugh, jump, play and get in tune with the world around you!

══ ✮ Music & Entertainment ✮ ════════════

dub / steppas / roots / reggae / digital / dubstep / bass / dnb / jungle / ska

✮✮✮ Dub Saray: ✮✮✮
powered by the mighty Digitron Sound System outta Zagreb, Croatia!

► Ondubground (Olo & Art-X / ODG Prod // FR) *LIVE*

► Alpha Steppa (Steppas Records / Trigram // UK) *LIVE*

► Naram (Colonel Mustard's / Jahtari // NZ) *LIVE*

► Digitron Sound System (The Balkan Dub Defenders // CRO)


► Lion's Den (Serendubity / Dub der Guten Hoffnung // DE)

► Serendubity Allstars inna Unity Session!

✮✮✮ Räuberhöhle: ✮✮✮
Live concerts begin at 21:00!

► Steinregen Dubsystem (Freiburg // DE) *LIVE*

and more to come!

✮✮✮ Beat Orakel: ✮✮✮

► Brian Brainstorm (Liondub International // DE)

► Beam Up (BBE / ZamZam Sounds / 45Seven // AUS) *DJ Set*

► Sammy B & DJ Saiman (Impulse // NZ/DE)

► Tommy Lexxus & Jimi Handtrix (Bassism / Dub der guten Hoffnung / Serendubity // DE)

► Hi Towa (Subbass / WobWob // DE)

✮✮✮ Workshops & Performances: ✮✮✮

► Magic & Mentalism by Adam Weiss

► Analog Animation Performance by Shoxxx

► Recycled Masks Workshop by Ambra

and more to come!

✮✮✮ Open Air Session: ✮✮✮
from 16:00-22:00 in the Secret Garden!

► Serendubity Allstars

✮✮✮ Serendipitous Surprises ✮✮✮
As always we'll have more than a few treats waiting for you!

► Siebdruck (Silk Screen Printing)
► High Chai
► Fire Space
► Chill Space
► Custom decorations
► Light & projection art
and much more!

══════════════ ✮ Information ✮ ══════════════

Serendubity: Sommerdubwende
June 18th, 2016
Mensch Meier
Storkower Str. 121 / 10407 Berlin
Open Air begins at 16.00
Concerts begin at 21.00

Artwork by Eric Tiedt Illustration

★Refugees Welcome!!★
★No Isms, No Schisms★ 
★Strictly Unity Vibes!!★

★ Please subscribe to our Newsletter to receive regular updates! ★

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to Apr 30

Rise Up // Rosis Berlin

★★★ Serendubity: Rise Up // Rosis Berlin ★★★

Following a brief period of winter hibernation, the Serendubity family reunites for another excursion through the realms of dub! As always, you can expect a colourful programm spanning the spectrum of dub-related music and culture, with no shortage of special guests and live performances, great vibes and amazing people, plus firespace, warm food and drinks, and much much more! 

★★★ Main Floor ★★★
Dub // Steppas // Dubstep // Bass

► Tetra Hydro K (ODG PROD // FR)

► WuduB!? feat. Saimn-I (Ledebronx Recordings // BE)

► Barber & Patch (Bristol Reggae Society // UK)

► Lion's Den b2b Dubfish (Dub der guten Hoffnung / Peace Time Sound)

► Acid Dub Foundation (Serendubity)

★★★ Second Floor ★★★
Dub // Steppas // Reggae // Jungle // Drum & Bass

► Boogoo Yagga Dub Disco

► Jimi Handtrix (Dub der guten Hoffnung / Serendubity)

► Catitah (Serendubity

► I-tal P (Serendubity)

► Joe Redubbed (Serendubity)

★★★ Lounge ★★★
The lounge area will be open again for a live looping session some time during the night!

► Ickar Flyer (Loop Station Madness!) *LIVE*

★★★ Wintergarten / Courtyard ★★★
In the newly renovated Wintergarten, you'll have plenty of room to nod your head to some chill beats, catch a live performance or two, grab a warm and delicious High Chai, play a round of table tennis and warm up by the fire!

► Laeti-Berlin (Live Painting Performance)

► burek3000 (Rakija'n'Roll / AKC Medika // Zagreb)

► O-Ton & freytakt (Passive Studio / Dub der guten Hoffnung)

► Meta (Serendubity)

► The Cook (Serendubity)

★★★ Serendipitous Surprises ★★★
As always we'll have more than a few treats waiting for you!

► Siebdruck (Silk Screen Printing) *Bring some extra clothes!*
► High Chai
► Firespace
► Warm Food
► Chillout Lounge
► Kicker
► Custom decorations
and much more!

Serendubity: Rise Up
April 29th, 2016 // Rosis Berlin
Revalerstraße 29, 10245 Berlin
Doors open at:: 21.00

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Artwork by Eric Tiedt Illustration


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to Dec 12

Rise Up: A Guide To The Galaxy

★★★ Serendubity Rise Up: A Guide To The Galaxy ★★★

From planets near and far, the Serendubity family reunites for a final celebration before the changing of the seasons! Following a lengthy pause after this summer's most memorable Rhythm & Space Festival, we're back in one of our favourite inner-city oases - Rosis! - more excited than ever to share with you our findings during our recent journey to the furthest reaches of the galaxy.. and beyond!

★★★ Space Age Floor ★★★
Dub // Steppas // Dubstep // Bass // Jungle // Drum & Bass

► X.A.Cute Sound System *LIVE*

► Basskateers Sound System (Jena) feat. Longfingah *LIVE*

► Tommy Lexxus & Jimi Handtrix (Bassism // Higher Ground // USA)

► Hi Towa (Subbass // Hamburg)

► O-Ton & Freytakt (Passive Studio // Serendubity)

► Acid Dub Foundation feat. Likkle Ferguson (Serendubity)

★★★ Roots Of Creation ★★★
Early Reggae // Ska // Rocksteady // Dub

► Goldfinga

► Bauminista

► Ital P (Serendubity)

► Gygax (Serendubity)

► Benjammin (Serendubity)

★★★ Wintergarten ★★★
Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Chill Out, Downbeat

In the newly renovated Wintergarten, you'll have plenty of room to nod your head to some chill beats, catch a live performance or two, grab some warm and delicious food, play a round of table tennis and warm up by the fire!

★★★ Performances ★★★

As always we'll have various forms of entertainment aside from the dancefloors, so you can chill out for a minute and share a laugh or two with your friends and family! From live performances to interactive looping session, there will be plenty of fun and games for everyone!

★★★ Serendipitous Surprises ★★★
► High Chai
► Siebdruck (Silk Screen Printing)
► Firespace
► Warm Food
► Chillout Lounge
► Kicker
and much more!

Serendubity Rise Up: A Guide To The Galaxy
December 11th, 2015 // Rosis Berlin
Revalerstraße 29, 10245 Berlin
Doors open at:: 21.00 // Journey begins at: 21.30

Artwork by 2krazy // Freak Camp


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to Jul 26

Serendubity Festival 2015

═══════════ SERENDUBITY RHYTHM & SPACE FESTIVAL ════════════

3 days // 4 floors // live stage // free camping // workshops // performances // chillspace // theater // light & projection art // vokü // high chai // hammocks // slack lines // open space and much more!

>> Nach einer turbulenten und äußerst aufregenden Reise, die uns quer durchs Land führte, macht sich nun unsere Karawane für den Anflug bereit! Durch eine kuriose Wendung des Schicksals haben wir unser neues Zuhause in einer verlassenen Militärbasis gefunden. Zwischen bunt beleuchteten Flugzeugen und leerstehenden Hangars, möchten wir gemeinsam diesen Ort zu etwas Lebendigem transformieren. Zusammen wollen wir das Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival 2015 richtig aufleben lassen! <<

After last years turbulent ending, we are back louder and stronger than ever, ready for the Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival - 2015! This year the festival will be held at an old military airport close to Berlin. In between old planes and deserted hangars we want to create an exciting new place filled with great vibes - full of life and a colourful community spirit.

The Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival will take place from the 24th-26th of July, 2015, at the Aerospace Museum Finowfurt near Eberswalde, Germany.

Check out our >>Farcebook Event<< for the full German version and regular updates. If you like what Serendubity is about and want to get involved, don't hesitate to contact us!

═══════════════════ PHILOSOPHY ═══════════════════

se*ren*dip*i*ty /ˌsɛrənˈdɪpɪti/

eine zufällige, unerwartete Begegnung mit etwas ursprünglich nicht Gesuchtem, welche sich als neue und überraschende Entdeckung erweist.

Much like the roots from which our name has grown, Serendubity has eveolved from a shared vision, a desire to break free from the constraints of of capital-fueled society by creating an independent, sustainable and eco-friendly for forward-thinking musicians, artists and individuals who wish to share their ideas, experiences and creativity, with an open-minded and conscious audience. Central to our philosophy is a feeling of community, without the need for distinction between organisers and visitors, artists or enthusiasts.

════════════════════ MUSIC ════════════════════


Our common musical interests are intertwined in a kaleidoscope of styles we like to call dub - from roots, reggae and ska, to the futuristic sounds of dubstep, jungle and drum‘n‘bass - forming an eclectic mix which reaches far beyond the boundaries of genre, style or tempo.

═══ PARTICIPATE ═══════════════════

If you are interested in the idea of Serendubity and want to get involved, then come visit our website. Send us an e-mail through the “participate“ section and we will let you know where your help could best be used! And if you have any of your own ideas about somthing you would like to experience at the festival, then don‘t hesitate to let us know.

════ TICKETS ═════════════════════

3 Day Tickets // 45€ Presale // 60€ At Door // 1 Day Tickets Available

Paper Tickets available at:
>>Tricky Tune // Berlin-Friedrichshain
>>KoKa36 // Berlin-Kreuzberg
>>Selekta Reggae Record Shop // Hamburg

or through any of the Serendubity crew!

Presale closes Friday, July 17th!

═══════════════════ GENERAL INFO ═══════════════════

Serendubity - Rhythm & Space Festival
24th-26th of July, 2015 
Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt
10km from Eberswalde, Germany 
(just north of Berlin!)

Free parking & camping!

>> Farcebook Event <<

no borders // no nation // no homophobia // no racism

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to Apr 3

Serendubity Travelling Circus - Part I - Berlin


In order to celebrate our first tour with a big bang we have put together our wickedest party production so far! And it's just in time for the Easter holidays! 

Powering us with some heavyweight sound for this spectacular event are some of our favourite sexy soundsystem operators from the Balkans, the one and only Digitron Soundsystem with full rig! 

We are very happy to join forces with Step Higher, who will be celebrating 5 years of quality Drum & Bass / Jungle events in Berlin on this night!

We will open 3 floors in total: the 2 rear floors from YAAM (each one powered by a wicked soundsystem!) as well as one secret floor which will boast some breathtaking performances, sweaty musicians and a whole lot of serendipitous suprises....

Better make sure your dancing shoes are polished when the circus comes to town!

▼▼ LINE UP ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼

[ Full Pionier Dub Sound from Zagreb // Croatia ] 
[ Out of Mind / Lucid Dreaming / Step Higher ] 
[ Lions Den / Dub der Guten Hoffnung / Serendubity ] 
[ Refloat ] 
[ Refloat ] 
[ Dub der Guten Hoffnung / Serendubity ]
[ Rakija´n Roll ] 
[ Serendubity ] 
[ Serendubity ] 

And more to come soon! 

HIGH CHAI [ Serendubity Crew]
► SILKSCREEN PRINTING [ Serendubity Crew in Collaboration with Vétomat ]
► COLLABORATION WITH Step higher - Drum & Bass at Yaam Berlin 

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to Mar 14

Conspiracy Dub Sessions @ YAAM

Our friends from the CHN Dub System invite to the 2nd installment of their "Conspiracy Dub Sessions" at YAAM, with the Serendubity Allstars providing a sound solution for the second floor!


Ouaiche! For the second conspiracy we look forward to a night dedicated to one of the most vibrant scenes and styles in the universe of Dub - French Dub. We are proud to present extraordinarily honorable representatives of that style as well as some berlin french Dubbers uniting themselves in order to create a one-of-a-kind night of clandestine sounds. C’est parti!


KANKA *live
Dubble Dubble
Serendubity Allstars
CHN Dub System

Visuals by *missbeetle

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to Mar 8

3.7.2015: Rise Up

************************** URBAN DUB CARNIVAL **************************

The 3 Princes of Serendub and their wicked and wild subdub caravan have found a new camp at Urban Spree Club. Here they await fellow urban sound nomads from all over the globe, Soundmen and Djs, Light & Projection Artists, Jugglers, Performers, Cooks and Drinkers, Smokers and Jokers!

For our Urban Dub Carnival we have invited musical activists from Berlin, Leipzig and Jena. 
For just the right sound & power, we have asked the Sandokan Hifi crew to join again, but this time they will come with full Soundsystem! 

*********************************** LINE UP ***********************************

► BEAM UP a.k.a. Dj Delay 
[Zam Zam Sounds / 45Seven / BBE / Beaming Productions // Berlin]

► SIGNORE SERENO a.k.a. RubADubStar 
[ Basskateers / Jena ]

►TONI WOBBLE a.k.a. The Marsian Dub Orbitor
[ Plug Dub Soundsystem / Leipzig ]

[ Impulse/Signals / Berlin ]

► SANDOKAN HIFI with full Soundsystem!
[ Sandokan Hifi / Berlin ]

[ Serendubity / Berlin ]

[ Serendubity / Berlin ]

► More to come!

► High Chai Stand [ Serendubity Crew ]
► Silkscreen Printing [ Serendubity Crew in Collaboration with Vétomat ]
► Light performance & installations
► Deko by the Serendubity Crew
► Fire space

Urban Spree
R.A.W. Gelände / Revaler Str. 99
S+U Warschauerstr.
Saturday, March 7th, 2015
Starts at 21:00

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to Jan 10

Winterdubwende 2


Following a most eventful journey to the farthest reaches of the land, the 3 Princes of Serendub return home to kick off the new year and prepare for the upcoming season of Dub! 

Join us on January 9th, 2015 at Rosis in Berlin as we rise up once again and celebrate the changing of the seasons, bringing some well-deserved warmth to the northern lands, featuring an all-star cast of talented musicians, deejays and emcees, fire jugglers, cooks and culinary creators, theater performers and much more!

Music by:
JPATTERSSON [ One man show with his own beats, Live trumpet and Vocals ] 
DR DUBIOUS [ Serendubity Allstars / Joker Smoker Soundsystem ] 
FREY-TON ( Freytakt b2b O-Ton aka. Faun) [Dub Der Guten Hoffnung / Serendubity Allstars]
►DUBELGÄNGER [ Serendubity Allstars ] 
►BENJAMMIN [ Serendubity Allstars / Peacetime Sound ]
►GYGAX [ Serendubity Allstars ]

Special Performances: 

HIGH CHAI STAND [ Serendubity Crew]
►SILKSCREENING [ Serendubity Crew in Collaboration with Vetomat ]
► VJ PERFORMANCE by Laura Knoops 
► SPECIAL STAGE DESIGN by our friends from Artistania e.V. 

Rise Up: Winterdubwende 2 @ Rosis Berlin
Revalerstr. 29, 10245 Berlin-F*hain (Between Ost-X and Warschauer Str.)
Friday, January 9th, 2015

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Rise Up – Winterdubwende
to Feb 9

Rise Up – Winterdubwende


Rise Up

The three princes of Serendub are back in Berlin for a night! In their pockets, they carry sunlight from southern hemispheres, in their hands and voices unfamiliar rhythms and melodies. Their spirit moved by desert beats and bass, they played with daylight and knocked out winter darkness.

In order to celebrate the first Rise-up Party with a big-bang, we invited a wicked and wild set of musicians, djs and mcs. The Kopffarben Kollektiv will illuminate the area with live light painting and make sure that we capture the daylight until the early morning hours. Be there at „Winterdubwende“ and celebrate with us that days are getting longer again!

* All profits and donations at Serendubity Rise-Up Events will go towards the Serendubity Festival. These will help to get rid of last year‘s deficit and to enable a Serendubity Festival 2014.

Line Up – LIVE

Maurizio Presidente

E.o.t.F. - Collective

Longfingah Hardy Digital

Line Up – DJ

Ras Lion B2B DubFish (Lion's Den / Peace Time /Serendubity)

Dubelgänger (Serendubity)

Serendubity Allstars


Light and projection art by Kopffarben Kollektiv 

Special silkscreening (Siebdruck Werkstatt) Station with Serendubity logos etc. 

Tarot Reading Performance "The fools journey" by Leonor

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