Jimi Handtrix

Since his introduction to Berlin's deeply rooted musical heritage 15 years ago, Jimi Handtrix has steadily developed an undying passion for "future roots" music. Heavily influenced by the early sounds of the UK's rave scene and Caribbean sound system culture, he inevitably found his calling as a deejay, promoter and musical activist, and hasn't looked back since.

Through his continuous involvement in projects such as Dub Der Guten Hoffnung and Serendubity, he has found an outlet to express himself whilst seamlessly blending a large spectrum of styles, textures and tempos, thus creating a unique musical journey within each of his performances.

Over the past decade he has steadily built a solid reputation as one of the go-to guys in Berlin for quality jungle, drum & bass, dub, dubstep and bass music, and abroad at festivals such as Cosmic Convergence in Guatemala, Plötzlich am Meer in Poland and Fusion Festival in Germany, as well as smashing clubs all around the UK, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Canada, USA, Mexico and Puerto Rico!

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