2012 – Lion Dub

Thank you!

for playing and partying, laughing and dancing, drinking and smoking! The first Lion Dub Festival has now become history, the lion retires in order to sleep off.  Then he will reflect and post some nice souvenirs online (the parrots whisper that some of these strange human animals were carrying cameras and other light/time/sound recorders)...

Jazzsteppa / Selektor Depender ft. Rebecca Waller / Ephraim Juda / Gaggeldub / Skaputnik / One Dub Connection / Jonah Vibes Project / Dubble Dubble / The Magic Touch / Nerv ft. Tier / DubDerGutenHoffnung Allstars / Trilingo / R2D2 / Barthez / Vibes Ambassadors / Upliftment Sound / J.SN / Tom Battery / Graograman Sound / Selectah Schmeckefuchs / Inju / Samsa ft. Mc Do / Oscar Lafontaine ft. Syntex / Poeks / LionDub Soundsystem / Ras Mical / Killerdubkollektiv

Dance (Camilla) / Vocal (Julie) / Decoration Art (Ambra)