New Year's Sound System Conference

Greetings to one and all! The year is nearly over, and we sincerely hope it's been a good one for you! In order to say goodbye to the old year and usher in the new one, we would like to formally invite you to an extra-special sound system session coming up on Sunday, December 31st. 


In just a few days we will be getting together in a unique underground location, to celebrate all the good times and memories of the past year, and to step into 2018 with some positive vibes!

For the New Year's Sound System Conference on December 31st, we will be making use of a massive - and as of yet unused - floor at Greenhouse Berlin. On the one hand, you'll have some amazing 8th story views overlooking the city and fireworks from the Kantine, and on the other hand you'll have one of the wickedest sound system sessions to hit Berlin in recent memory. It's going to be loud, it's going to be heavy, and it's going to be fun!


Greenhouse Berlin is located at Gottlieb-Dunkel-Str. 43/44, 12099 Berlin. Just take the S41/42 or U8 to Hermannstrasse, and the bus #277 to "Saalburgstrasse" (5 minutes). Busses depart from Hermannstrasse every 20-30 minutes, but they may be crowded. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or walk about 20 minutes (2km). Once you're in the building just follow the sines!


Aside from 2 heavyweight sound systems with the most wattage a bass music party in Berlin has probably ever seen, as well as some amazing artists providing a full-frequency, audio-visual experience, we'll have a full bar and food available, plus a garderobe, chill out area, custom lighting and plenty of good vibes! Please realize, we are a small team building the entire infrastructure, so this will be more of a rugged and raw "rave" environment than your typical club night! 

We hope to see you all in the new year!

Love & Respect,
Your Serendubity Crew

SerendubityA Bass OdysseyLion's DenDubelgänger & Higher Ground Recordings cordially invite you to the first annual:

✸ ❂ ✺ New Year's Sound System Conference ✺ ❂ ✸ 

for a night of heavy roots, cosmic steppas, beats, jungle and bass, presented on 2 wicked sound systems in a unique underground location in Berlin! Let's get together and step into the new year in a proper style and fashion!

✸ ❂ ✺ ❂ ✸
Featuring 2 heavyweight sound systems in one area:

Digitron Sound System (The Balkan Dub Defenders // Croatia)
with full sound and crew!

✪ Lion's Den Sound System (Ras Lion ls. Kali Green & Konta // Berlin)
with full sound and crew!

✸ ❂ ✺ ❂ ✸
With special guests from France in a live clash:

✪ Tetra Hydro K *live* (ODG PROD // Besançon, France)


✪ Woobedub *live* (ODG PROD // Lyon, France)

✸ ❂ ✺ ❂ ✸
Plus the lyrical niceness of the legendary:

✪ Danman (Indica Dubs / O.B.F Sound System // Manchester, UK)

✸ ❂ ✺ ❂ ✸
And local support from:

✪ Saiman (Impulse Berlin // Berlin)

✪ Tommy Lexxus (Bassism Records / Higher Ground Recordings // Berlin)

✪ Jimi Handtrix (A Bass Odyssey / Higher Ground Recordings // Berlin)

✪ Dubelgänger (Serendubity / Acid Dub Foundation // Berlin)

✫★✯ Extras ✯★✫

✪ 2 Heavyweight Sound Systems
✪ Warm Food
✪ High Chai
✪ Special Drinks
✪ Chillout Area
✪ Custom decorations and lighting
and much more!

New Year's Sound System Conference
December 31st, 2017
Berlin (Secret Location)
Doors open at: 22.00

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Artwork by Eric Tiedt Illustration

This is a conscious party, so please respect your surroundings!

June 9-11: A Bass Odyssey

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce a big collaboration in June 2017! We'll be teaming up with Lion's Den, Moonshine Recordings, Impulse Berlin, Dub der guten Hoffnung, Higher Ground Recordings, Peace Time Sound, BUNS Soundsystem and tons of amazing artists to bring you an unforgettable weekend of dub and soundsystem music at Mensch Meier in Berlin! 

✪ ✪ ✪ BASSBOOK EVENT ✪ ✪ ✪

Artwort by Eric Tiedt Illustration (c) 2017

Artwort by Eric Tiedt Illustration (c) 2017

✪ ✪ ✪ June 9th-11th, 2017: A Bass Odyssey ✪ ✪ ✪
an audiovisual journey thru 50 years of sound system culture and music

2 Nights ❂ 1 Day ❂ Indoor & Open Air ❂ Proper Sound Systems
40+ Artists ❂ Live Acts ❂ Workshops ❂ Performances
Visual & Light Art ❂ High Chai ❂ Great Food
Chill Space ❂ Photo Exhibition
X-Amount of Vibes
One Soul!

Powered by:
Serendubity ✺ Lion’s Den ✺ Moonshine Recordings ✺ BUNS ✺ Impulse Berlin ✺ Dub der guten Hoffnung ✺ Higher Ground Recordings ✺ Peace Time Sound ✺ Irie Ites

dub ❂ steppas ❂ roots ❂ dubstep ❂ rootstep ❂ jungle ❂ drumnbass ❂ dubwize ❂ reggae ❂ halftime ❂ future dub ❂ garage ❂ grime ❂ bass ❂ and everything inbetween!

On one fateful night in the late 1960’s, a sound system operator by the name of Rudolph “Ruddy” Redwood went to Duke Reid’s “Treasure Isle” Studio in Kingston to cut a one-off dubplate for an upcoming sound system session. When he played the record – on which the vocal track had accidentally been left out – the crowd went crazy, chanting the lyrics and calling for rewind after rewind. Bunny Lee, an influential producer who had attended the dance that night, later told the legendary King Tubby of the records effect on the crowd. This eventually led Tubby to pioneer a new technique of “dubbing” the vocals in and out of the instrumental track, which would soon come to be known as the “version“.

This revolutionary technique would not only lead to the creation of dub music, but also paved the way for a future generation of sound system operators and engineers to gain access to modern mixing techniques using analog studio hardware. Following an influx of Jamaican immigrants to the British Isles in the 60’s & 70’s, sound system culture began to gain international exposure, with homegrown sound systems such as the legendary Channel One & Jah Shaka championing the sounds of the Caribbean in the UK and abroad.

50 years later the sounds and culture are livelier than ever, with countless artists across the globe tirelessly pushing the sounds of dub, steppas, roots, jungle and dubstep on self-styled soundsystems and rigs. From June 9th-11th we gather to celebrate thier legacy and pay homage to the true spirit of bass music, with an all-star line up of local and international purveyors of soundsystem culture!

✧✦✧ Soundsystem Education - Hosted by Serendubity ✧✦✧
✦✧✦ Powered by an extra-special Soundsystem (TBA) ✦✧✦

✪ Young Warrior (Jah Shaka Music / Prince of Dub Soundsystem // UK)
Son of the mighty Jah Shaka, for the first time in Berlin!

✪ Umberto Echo (Echo Beach // Munich) ⋆LIVE⋆

✪ Jah Schulz (Railroad Records // Stuttgart) *LIVE*

✪ Acid Dub Foundation (Serendubity // Berlin) ⋆LIVE⋆ 

✪ Catitah (Sound Systren / Serendubity // Berlin)

Ital-P (Serendubity // Berlin)

✪ Visuals by Flimmerkiste

Check out the full lineup & information on:
A Bass Odyssey ✧ Facebook ✧ Resident Advisor ✧ Irie Ites (Deutsch) 

Limited edition Presale Tickets are now on sale here: